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Vegetable Finger Paints - Light Lion

Arts & Crafts

When kids get crafty, they learn and develop muscles that are essential to every day life. 

Art encourages neural development, fine motor skills and critical thinking that comes in handy for problem solving. 

When we get creative we not only have fun, but we also allow kids to process things happening in the real world in a safe way.

Please enjoy our little collection of arts & crafts items for your child that are safe, non-toxic and super fun!

Wooden Tools & Belt

Autumn Creek

The wonderful Cat of Autumn Creek proudly handcrafts these beautiful custom toys in the Pacific Northwest using in part Green and Up-cycled materials.

All of Cat’s creations are made with non-toxic treatments so as to insure top quality and safety.

Handmade Wooden Golf Set

Beige Bois

Beige Bois toys are designed, handcrafted and hand-sanded to a pleasant feeling by a family in Greece.

Beige Bois provides children with all natural, handcrafted wooden toys guided by Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia principles.

Beige Bois uses only the highest quality ash and beechwood with the majority of their toys being unfinished to show off the natural beauty of wood.

Building & Stacking

Sunrise Building Blocks

Clever and Happy

Made in Russia by the wonderful Katerina and Evgeni, who at one point worked for a long time at a wooden door manufacturer until they realized they wanted more by creating something interesting and useful. 

Each having their own respective families, they would carefully select toys for their children and noticed that beauty and coziness were missing, as well as there being not much of a choice of wooden toys that are both safe and natural. 

It is important to the team of Clever and Happy to not only have wooden toys for ecological and safety reasons, but also for the message toys give to a child, for the emotions they evoke. 

Clever and Happy toys are created to be a safe friend to a child. To develop their emotions, imagination and fantasy. They can last forever because they can be handed down from generation to generation.

All materials used by Clever and Happy in the creation of the toys are suitable for children, safe and biodegradable. The materials used are wood and non-toxic water based “Biofa” wax made in Germany.

Clever and Happy toys are not only for children. They are for the adults too so that you can spend time together with your kids on warm evenings.
Having them settled on a shelf, windowsill or anywhere else will definitely provide coziness to your home.


Handcrafted Acorn Sorting Set - Light Lion

Elm and Otter

Classic Montessori inspired toys with a modern vibe made in USA.

Everything is on SALE

Everything must go

Wooden Tools & Belt

Fanny & Alexander

Fanny & Alexander was founded on a fundamental desire to encourage children (and the adults who love them) to play a little more, and a little better.

Their founder, Delfina Aguilar, had long been captivated by objects that were well-conceived, well-designed, and well-made, but after becoming an aunt, and later a mother, quickly realized that very few toys in her family’s toy chest possessed these qualities. Where were the toys in beautiful natural materials for little hands to cherish, or the toys that engaged limitless imaginations, or called their playmates out on important adventures?

And so Fanny & Alexander was born. Fastidiously designed and made, theirs are deceptively simple toys that require no power source except the child’s own ideas and energy. Made from furniture-standard hardwoods, soft leathers and quality fabrics, they are designed to be a pleasure to look at and a joy to play with. They’re designed to last, and to be loved.

Fanny & Alexander’s willfully analogue toys offer a welcome antidote to our digital age, and to modern toys which only require children to sit passively before them. They hope their toys will foster a sense of appreciation, cultivate imagination, and act as tools for learning - but most of all, they hope that they will create many moments of childhood wonder.

Wooden Super 8 Film Camera - Light Lion

Father’s Factory

At Father’s Factory, they design wooden toys that stick around with families to create memories lasting a lifetime.

When the founders became parents, they found that the toys their kids played with were overstimulating. Most toys don’t allow children to think and imagine on their own, and they are designed to be consumed at a fast pace and end up in the landfill with all other plastics.

Because of this, they would often build toys with cardboard for their children. The most basic and un-glorified toys sparked their creativity and imagination, which inspired them to start designing toys that would bring families together.

Father’s Factory toys inspire families to be creative, to explore around, and to play outside more. Their goal is to design toys that have a longer product life span so they won’t be thrown out and end up in the landfill.

Through their designs, Father’s Factory teaches children to take care of their belongings because our toys are designed to last a long time, while also easily fitting in to your home’s aesthetics. 
They are meant to be kept, passed on, or displayed as interior decor once the kids outgrow them.

Global Goods Partner

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, Global Goods Partners is committed to providing sustainable jobs for women — widely proven to be the key to community development and family wellbeing. 

In partnership with women-led, community-based organizations, Global Goods Partners taps into the rich well of skill and artistry that is passed from one generation of women to the next. They invest all proceeds from product sales in developing sustainable market access as well as providing training and funding to enable their partners to prosper and thrive well into the future. 

Since Global Goods Partners first launched in 2005, they have partnered with over 60 artisan groups in more than 20 countries throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas, helping to design and bring to market the fair trade, handcrafted products they produce.

Each artisan that created products for Global Goods Partners earns reliable, fair living wages, and gains experience that can add benefit to all aspects of her life.


Non-Toxic Car Crayons - Light Lion


Goober is a brand with a focus in drawing. 

Goober tried to discover new, different perspectives in everyday life and delivers them through art and play. 

Goober crayons are produced in Korea with safe, certified materials and are mess-free.

They have passed CE (a safety certification in Europe), as well as KC (Korean safety certification).

Goru v Dom Wooden Coloured Popsicles

Goru v Dom

Made in the Tver region of Russia, Goru v Dom toys are made out of eco-friendly plywood of the 1st grade and solid wood (beech, oak, linden and elm)

Almost all of their goods are custom-made and handcrafted, which allows them to preserve the uniqueness of each product unit.

Handcrafted Natural Slingshot - Light Lion

Hella Slingshots

Hella Slingshots was founded by Adam Gray, who grew up in the woods of Northern California. 

His family had a hay bale target range in the back and ever since receiving his first slingshot when he was 4 years old, he and his family would direct a growing arsenal of projectile weapons at it. 

Slingshots stuffed in a back pocket and taken for a hike led to endless amusement and mischief. 

Every Hella Slingshot is handmade from forked tree branches, with heights that will fall between 8-10” and a width between 3-5”.

Wooden Magnetic Safari Animals

Iz Vetvey

Iz Vetvey handcrafted and hand painted animals all have carefully placed magnets in their feet making them unique and versatile wooden toys that will spark hours of creativity, imagination and fun.
Nature's ABC Flashcards - Light Lion

Jo Collier

Owner Jo launched Jo Collier Designs in 2016 after being inspired by her daughters. They opened her eyes to a whole new world of nursery art, design and early learning. Jo’s daughters love of nature and overwhelming sense to learn inspires her every day. 

Jo wanted to paint realistic pictures for her daughters, to be able to bring animals up close and personal for them to look and study their tiny details and characteristics. Jo finds that it encourages conversations, questions and creates wonder.

At Jo Collier they aim to create products that are mindfully created and ethically made in Australia.


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