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About Us

Hi friends!

Welcome to our world filled with handcrafted, unique and beautiful toys that we've had the pleasure of curating and lovingly named after our boys, Light Lion.
Our sons inspired us to search for charming and one-of-a-kind little treasures from all corners of the globe.
We hope that they will empower your little ones to explore the world around them and help create their own little magical worlds too.

Ethical & Sustainable
   We are very passionate about doing our part in keeping our planet safe, our oceans clean and our next generation healthy.
   We strive to showcase products made by brands who share our values and have ethical and sustainable practices.

Equal Representation
   Creating an inclusive space where everyone is represented is important to us.
   It is something that we will be continuously working on as we are always on the lookout for products that showcase the beauty of the people on our planet.