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Clever and Happy

Made in Russia by the wonderful Katerina and Evgeni, who at one point worked for a long time at a wooden door manufacturer until they realized they wanted more by creating something interesting and useful. 

Each having their own respective families, they would carefully select toys for their children and noticed that beauty and coziness were missing, as well as there being not much of a choice of wooden toys that are both safe and natural. 

It is important to the team of Clever and Happy to not only have wooden toys for ecological and safety reasons, but also for the message toys give to a child, for the emotions they evoke. 

Clever and Happy toys are created to be a safe friend to a child. To develop their emotions, imagination and fantasy. They can last forever because they can be handed down from generation to generation.

All materials used by Clever and Happy in the creation of the toys are suitable for children, safe and biodegradable. The materials used are wood and non-toxic water based “Biofa” wax made in Germany.

Clever and Happy toys are not only for children. They are for the adults too so that you can spend time together with your kids on warm evenings.
Having them settled on a shelf, windowsill or anywhere else will definitely provide coziness to your home.