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Father’s Factory

At Father’s Factory, they design wooden toys that stick around with families to create memories lasting a lifetime.

When the founders became parents, they found that the toys their kids played with were overstimulating. Most toys don’t allow children to think and imagine on their own, and they are designed to be consumed at a fast pace and end up in the landfill with all other plastics.

Because of this, they would often build toys with cardboard for their children. The most basic and un-glorified toys sparked their creativity and imagination, which inspired them to start designing toys that would bring families together.

Father’s Factory toys inspire families to be creative, to explore around, and to play outside more. Their goal is to design toys that have a longer product life span so they won’t be thrown out and end up in the landfill.

Through their designs, Father’s Factory teaches children to take care of their belongings because our toys are designed to last a long time, while also easily fitting in to your home’s aesthetics. 
They are meant to be kept, passed on, or displayed as interior decor once the kids outgrow them.