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Hella Slingshots

Handcrafted Light Wooden Slingshot

$42.00 $30.00

These wooden slingshots are just like the ones you made as a kid, but with an added touch of grown-up craftsmanship. 

Each one-of-a-kind slingshot is handmade from forked tree branches. 

The bark was removed and the frame sanded smooth for a clean natural look. 
Outfitted with a leather projectile pouch attached with natural latex tubing. 

   Because each slingshot is one of a kind, dimensions vary. 
   Height will fall between 7”–10" / 17.8-25.4 cm 
   Width between 3”–6" / 7.6-15.2 cm

   1 handcrafted slingshot
   10 felt balls 

   For ages 5 and up. Adult supervision required.

Slingshots are not toys. Always wear eye protection (not included). Inspect for any signs of wear, brittleness, or breakage before each shot. Use caution as shots may ricochet.