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Raduga Grëz

Diversity Building Blocks

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Raduga Grëz created a unique set of building blocks to inspire and empower young minds. 

This building blocks set doesn’t give any prompts or guidelines for playing. 
It is for creative and conscious children of the future who will make the world better. 
It’s a very deep meaningful toy for creative playing.

For those, who think it’s not enough just to build houses, who want to speak about important things while playing and bring up their children with ideas of quality and tolerance.

   A nose is for the air we ALL breathe
   A fist is a sign of the voice we all have
   A palm to stop violence
   We all have the same heart and blood inside
   Birds fly in the sky without caring about borders or limits
   The blue ball is the planet we live on
   A river and a bridge reminding that there’s always a way

   Solid Linden wood
   Non-toxic water-based Biofa paints