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Animal Alphabet Flash Cards


These double-sided, premium quality, Animal Alphabet Flash Cards are a stunning educational resource, with the learning opportunities only limited by your imagination!

The front of these flash cards include:

1) The letter in upper and lower case in an easy to read font.
2) The animal’s name.
3) Beautiful and realistic watercolour art.

The back of the cards include:

1) The alphabet with the letter circled. Young learners can visualise the entire alphabet in order and see where the specific letter fits.
2) The animal name is shown in school-approved font to prompt handwriting practice. Exposure to a range of easy to read fonts is important for young readers and writers.
3) 3 interesting facts are featured for each animal including habitat, diet and a fun fact. 
4) The world map with highlighted countries and areas showing where the animal is from. This assists with early geography learning. 

   The cards themselves are 400gsm and matte-laminated so they are durable and protected from sticky fingers.
   The gorgeous, eye-catching, drawer-box is premium quality and makes these perfect for gifting. 

   These are intended to be for ages 3+ with adult support and ages 6+ for independent learning.